Event Rentals

Planning any event big or small requires a great deal of patience by the respective people involved. We recognize the need for quality service and products for each and every one of our customers. You can count on our professional staff to help you get the best experience possible. We will work closely with you to ensure that we have your best interest in mind. Call our Sales department today. Deal with the professionals in the Amusement Inflatable business.

Here are different types of events we currently serve:


If you have kids in attendance you want an inflatable for entertainment. Kids get excited when they see a huge sized inflatable. They cannot wait to jump in and have fun. Partytime Inflatables carries only the newest most innovative inflatables that really stand out.


Partytime Inflatables Inc. is a company that is actively involved in any community fundraising events. We are interested in supporting any local fundraising events. We are part of a caring community which believes in team effort. We will work with any public fundraising group, we will offer you a special discount to help you raise more money. Any event big or small please call or email us we would like to help you raise funds.

Corporate Picnics

Teamwork is an integral part of any company success. So when you want to reward all that hard work you plan a corporate picnic. Imagine how excited the employees children will be when they see a huge inflatable to play in. Watch their eyes light up. We pride ourselves on our dedication to satisfy each any everyone of our customers. We are the number one choice for Amusement Inflatables.

Street Parties

Neighborhood street parties are always happening throughout the summer. They are a great opportunity to meet your neighbors and their children. We are always amazed at how friendly and close knit communities are. Please allow us to bring the kids entertainment. An inflatable will be the centerpiece of the event. We carry huge inflatables at an affordable price.

Church Functions

A churches congregation is a vital part of that churches success. Give the kids something to remember. We offer a great service, friendly caring staff that would appreciate the opportunity to serve your event. We will deliver and setup for your event free of charge. We enjoy bringing smiles to kid’s faces.

Everything Else

Hey if you are having any type of public event call us today. We are always ready to answer questions. We are a relationship oriented company. We are always courteous and friendly to everyone.