Blue Raspberry Crystals-Makes-500 Quantity

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Technical Specifications

Most large amusement parks use Flossugar, however, many professional midway operators simply add about one or two heaping tablespoons Flossine® to every 10 lbs. of regular granulated sugar. Mix thoroughly and it's ready to use. Flossine® has been a favorite of professional Cotton Candy operators since Gold Medal introduced it in 1948. Flossine® absolutely will not clog the ribbon heating elements. However, be careful of the sugar you mix with - some contains corn starch which will clog the ribbons! Flossine® gives your Cotton Candy the proper look - the proper aroma - and a great taste in every flavor! Be sure to change colors every time you fill the floss head. A variety of colors helps you sell more. Packed in 1 lb. jars. Flavor List:


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