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Why rent from us instead of a competitor?


Why rent from Partytime Inflatables instead of another local supplier? Partytime Inflatables offers a quick easy reliable service. We always deliver your order on time its something that we take quite seriously. Our clients event is our responsibility to provide timely delivery and pickup. Alot of times clients will focus mainly on price  savings usually overlooking the quality of service. You want to make sure the company you are dealing with is trustworthy reliable and insured and licensed by the T.S.S.A Technical Standards and Safety Authority.

To order Inflatables with a T.S.S.A Permit call 613-695-JUMP(5867)

If you are planning on using inflatables for any type of public event such as  a school fun fair, corporate event, festival, community day, business or any other type of setup on commercial property. You are required to book from a company who holds the necessary permits and legal documentation. When renting inflatables for your event you will want to make sure that safety is the main concern. Unsafe operations can lead to serious injuries caused to any rider of the inflatables. When setting up indoors height requirement is 16 feet generally for most of the inflatables. If you setup indoors you will have to rent additionally sandbags for weight points $6 each.

Other requirements to consider when ordering Inflatable Rentals from Partytime Inflatables Inc. You will need an electrical capability to run the Fan(s) which attaches to the back of the inflatable. The fans runs continuously during operation in order to keep the inflatable pressurized. Below is an image of what the fan looks like.

Model KP-1
Cycle 60 Hz
Voltage 115 Volt
Max Air Volume 1170 CFM
Amps with back pressure 7.0 A
Max Static Pressure 8.8/"
Weight Net/Gr 33/36 Lbs
Unit Size (LxWxH) 17"x 13.5"x 17"
Wheel Speed (RPM) 3460
Motor 1 HP
Attached Cord (14 G) 25 Ft