Latest News March 2017

Interview with the President of Partytime Inflatables Inc.

Partytime Inflatables has many items available for rent or purchase as you can see. You can rent a variety items that are intended for large crowds or you can rent items for smaller sized events. Earlier today we sat down with the owner to discuss the Ottawa Location and how the Brand continues to grow through hard work and determination.

Question    What sparked your interest in starting a Party Rental Company?


 I have always been interested in marketing and selling from an early age the one thing that has always been important to me is to offer great value to customers. One day I was in a magazine shop and I was reading an article about this guy in Cincinnati, Ohio who started a Carnival Rental Company and his sales were through the roof. So I decided then and there to start this company which is known today as Partytime Inflatables Inc. 

Question   How long did it take you to start the business online?


 It took hundreds of hours of research to get things rolling because from day one I set out to be the best locally and with that focus took alot time just obtaining all the information. Things such as finding the best supplier, registering the corporation name and getting a website up and running. These were just a few of the things we had to tackle.

Question    Your inflatables look pretty amazing how do you decide what to buy?


We work the best supplier in North America and my partner down there works closely with me to pick out items that are simply the best. We have inflatables that we pay $10,000 for such as in the Gladiator Colosseum  and Ultimate Module Obstacle Course both new 2015. Our clients are always amazed at the size and designs of our inflatables not to mention the artwork. We have Joust Inflatables, Slides, Obstacle Courses, Bounce Houses, Combo Houses, Inflatable Interactive Games and more.

Question  What else can customers rent from Partytime Inflatables Inc?


Clients can rent Dunk Tanks, Inflatable Movie Screens, Carnival Games, Cotton Candy Machines, Popcorn Machines, Sno Kone Machines. We also sell all the supplies for the Carnival Machines. We also rent  Chairs, Tables, Tents, 

Question do you sell the inflatables?


Yes we do sell the Inflatables as well. If a customer is interested in purchasing commercial grade Inflatables  give us a call at 613-695-JUMP(5867). They are industrial quality not like something you would buy at a retail level or from some discount online company that sells PVC quality Inflatables. These inflatables are made of a lightweight material and the stitching is very strong. We have ones that are 6 years old and still no damage. The starting cost to purchase start normally at about $3000 Canadian and can go up to $20 000

Question How does someone book an order with your company?


Booking Rentals is easy and we are available to help you directly at 613-695-JUMP(5867). If you are looking for Inflatables for a Public Event please contact us right away. We have to submit our operating schedule to the T.S.S.A Technical Standards and Safety Authority in the next 6 to 8 weeks which is April 2015. Also you can click on the call me back link and fill out the  20 second form and we will communicate with right away. We are customer service  focused and  we aim to provide exceptional service to you. We have never missed a delivery not even once in 9 years that is something that makes me really proud. 

Question Whats in store for 2015 for you personally and for the company?


Personally I am competing in a bodybuilding competiton for physique this year which is exciting because its something I am trying to branch out into. Training and Dieting has help lend itself to becoming more disciplined in other areas such as in business. Also Some new products that we are adding this year really excite me such as the new Giant Inflatable Movie Screen we purchased. We will be be offering Outdoor Movie  Rental Packages that Include the Projector and Speakers all in one. 



Thanks for speaking with us today and wish you all the best of luck in 2015 with Partytime Inflatables inc.