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10 Best Tips for Renting inflatables for an Event

Partytime Inflatables Inc is dedicated to making your event something special. We are determined to provide exceptional customer service Here are 10 great tips to help you hire a great company to provide inflatables. 1. Find out when the company was established and try to get a sense of how professional they act when you contact them. You must feel confident that they are reliable and trustworthy. 2. Will they actually show up on the day of your event or will they cancel last minute. Will they show up on time for setup or will they be late and ruin your event.  3. Is the company T.S.S.A Certified this is a legal requirement in the province of ontario. Each inflatable that you rent from the company you hire must have a valid permit.   4. Safety is everything the company you hire should take safety serious and not try to overlook it all together. Kids can get hurt if safety precautions are not followed.  5. How new are the inflatables they are renting to you. Partytime Inflatables products are all new and they are purchased from the leading manufacturer in North America.       6. Select Inflatables that are appropriate for the age group you are trying to serve. 7. Make a reservation and put a deposit on a rental order. Some companies claim they dont require a deposit this can be a problem because they can cancel on you easily. 8. Ask for references I know everyone has heard this before but it is true for a reason. 9: Public Event Insurance. Ask for a Current Copy of Insurance Certificate from the company. Dont take the companys word for it. 10. Plan Plan Plan. Event planning requires attention to detail hire Partytime Inflatables and experience our great service.