Latest News March 2017

Parent Council Fun Fair Rewards Program

Register for school council rewards program 

 Partytime Inflatables is excited to partner with all Parent Councils in 2016. Our objective is to help School raise funds for their end of year Fun Fairs. 


1) Schools must currently have a reservation in our system for 2016 for a Fun Fair order.
2) Each School must create a Back Link to form council website, facebook page, newsletter.
3) Each School will have a unique rewards code generated for their council
4) Partytime Inflatables donates 5% of our net profit back to the school council for every rental someone orders from our website. Customer must indicate the Rewards Code at     time of rental order. Get this out to all the families and friends who are planning parties etc, community events, churches, company picnics. 
First off you need to make a reservation for your School Fun Fair click on the How to order image and complete a quote form.