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You have worked hard to build your local business and have experienced a steady flow of quality customers . Ideally most  small business owners would like to have thousands of customers wanting to do business with them on a daily basis. Unfortunately that is not the reality out there for most small businesses which is a massive missed opportunity. One thing you have to realize is that there are thousands of potential clients waiting to hear your business story right now!. Online Marketing is a growing opportunity that is happening and although it should not be your only source for advertising its one you definately want to master. I first started a website back in 2006 since then I have been a student of Web Development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is truly a science that requires time and attention to learn everything which by the way is always changing and never ends. Partytime Inflatables Ottawa Local Business was created by myself and it is growing and earning profits. One of the earliest SEO tasks that I did was to add my business to Local Online Directories and through the use of Google Analytics Tools I was able to find out which ones were performing and which ones that were not.

There are alot of reasons why some of the Directories drive traffic and other not so much. Partytime-Inflatables.Directory was launched by myself recently and I am going to tell you why you want to add your listing.


Directory Article March 2017 compressedPartytime Inflatables Directory was created with the purpose of provding the most modern comprehensive resource tool for anyone who is planning an event big or small in the City of Ottawa, Ontario.We have created tons of well organized categories not to mention the use of a modern images and web design functionality. Categories such as Magicians, Wedding Planning Services, Face Painters, Entertainment Acts, Limo Services, Cake Suppliers and anything else you can think of. Our directory is a meeting place for prospective customers and vendors to interact . Any business you conduct is strictly between you and your customers. Please read our Terms and Conditons for Vendors on our site Remember that this is only one source for promoting your business as a local business you need to think of hundreds of other resources this is just one additonal avenue.


 Add your listing to the Directory 4 Months Free.

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Register your Business Listing Free for 4 Months on our Deluxe Plan.

After your 4 month promotional period has ended. You will recieve an email offering you a paid yearly subscription for $79.95 plus hst. All listings must follow our Terms of Service Agreement and are subject to approval by our department before they are listed on our live site. If you are a Face Painter do not select sub category Magician. 1 Main Category per listing.Select the Category that represents the product or service your business offers.


Step 1

Create a New Account Here!

After you submit and hit create account an email link will be sent to your email inbox.

You must click on the link to activate your account.

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Step 2

Select your Business Plan here. Best option is  the Deluxe Plan which Free for 4 Months you can cancel at any time.

Look at the illustration on the left your listing includes everything here! It takes some time to complete the entire listing

Put time and effort into completing everything and make your listing professional. Please allow 1 to 2 Business days before your listing is approved. You should receive a confirmation email once your listing is approved. If you require assistance please

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Step 3

After your Lisitng is approved you will have access to your listings control panel. The illustration below show you how to access the control panel. You can do everything even create offers for your business to attract more customers to your business.

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