T.S.S.A Licensing Requirements 2019

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PUBLIC EVENT ORGANIZERS IN ONTARIO 2019. Amendment regarding Anchoring. Please register your Event with Partytime Inflatables Inc. to ensure that a Certified ADMI can be scheduled to be on Site for your Event as required by Law.

Please read the article below to understand the safety and legal requirements for hiring an Inflatable Amusement Company. Please email us through the link above. It would be our pleasure to serve your event in 2019!


Partytime Inflatables is licensed by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (T.S.S.A). Since 2006 we have been providing public events with inflatable amusements as well ride attendants. Each one of these inflatable devices has a valid T.S.S.A Licence which allows setup on public property. Yearly our Inflatables are inspected by an inspector from the T.S.S.A. During your ordering process a Partytime Inflatables Rental Agent can provide proof of permit for any device at your request. Devices that fall under the classification are Bounce Houses, Slides, Obstacle Courses and certain types of interactive games.


Our inflatables are purchased from the number one industrial supplier in North America. Inflatables are manufactured with the highest quality material and industrial stitching. They exceed industry standards in both safety and design. Inflatables are brand new quality and maintained with care after every use.

Beware of companies renting older equipment or equipment that appears unsafe in its design. Both of these aspects can be a safety concern which increases the chance of an injury or injuries.

Ride Attendants Training Module

Partytime Inflatables is launching a new Training Module that includes all the Safety Guidelines from the manufacturer and an understanding of the T.S.S.A Safety Act. Our Trained Ride Attendants will be some of the best individuals in the industry in 2018.

Clients should NOT be using their own volunteers to manage or supervise any T.S.S.A licensed device(s) during operation.

Only Trained Ride Attendant(s) can Operate the Device.

Training for each Ride Attendant is documented in the T.S.S.A Log Book for each device. Log books are kept on site during operations and are available for viewing by a T.S.S.A Inspector if they arrive on site. Partytime Inflatables is fully compliant with all Safety Regulations. Additionally we may ask for you to provide volunteers to assist with lineups and crowd control. As well to provide extra support for certain types of inflatables during operations.

Inspectors from the T.S.S.A show up unannounced at events regularly. If paperwork is not in order or the device is defective in any way. The Inspector will issue an order to shut down the device immediately. A fine will be issued to the owner and possibly your event as well.

Ride Attendants should be at least 18 years of age and must have had actual experience with supervising the device they are operating. Take safety serious and don't cut corners just to save money on the rental service.

Legal Injury Claims

Injury claims for harm caused in an inflatable structure are complicated cases because of the facts and the negligence involved in a personal injury claim. The parties that can be held liable in the event of an injury accident in an inflatable structure include: 
Property owners 
Event Organizers 
Business owners 
Equipment owners 

You should have your own insurance for the event as well. Ensure the Inflatable Rental Company you choose to hire can provide a copy of a valid Insurance Certificate.

Pre Operation and Operational Requirements


Inspection by a Certified ADMI is required after any T.S.S.A Licensed Inflatable(s) is setup for a Public Events in the province of Ontario. The device cannot be operated until the ADMI indicates it is ready for operation.The ADMI (Amusement Device Mechanic) is a person who will inspect various aspects such as anchoring, tie downs, setup surface etc. Our ADMI will review the pre operations checklist. Also inspecting the inflatable inside and out looking for any damage. An ADMI reserves the right to shut down any device due to rain, wind or any other safety issues related to operations. Partytime Inflatables employs its own ADMI from within.

Devices that are not inspected by an ADMI prior to operations can be a serious threat to safety as well as a serious legal problem. Ensure the company employs an ADMI. Also ensure the ADMI is listed on the agreement that he will be present at your event.