February 4th, 2020

Safety violations can be prosecuted in a Court of Law in Ontario

Purchasing a used industrial amusement Inflatable

Sucessful Bounce House Rental companies  in North America usually change inventory every 2 to 5 years to newer models. Older inventory is iquidated to make room for the new inventory. Residential customes can purchase for use in their backyard.

Launch new online booking site.

Residential Customers Please Visit our New Online Booking Site.

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WSIB Clearance Certificate verification link.

Obtain a WSIB Clearance Certificate (click here)

Hiring an Amusement Inflatable Service provider requires that you protect yourself and your Public Event against legal claims. Hiring a WSIB Contractor with a valid Clearance Certificate protects you from legal claims. Do not hire an Inflatable Amusement provider if they are not WSIB or they do not have a VALID Clearance Certificate.




10 Keys to Partytime Inflatables Success Story


10 Keys to Partytime Inflatables Success Story in the Online Market Space.

1) Safety Standards and customer commitment. Our industrial Inflatable Inventory is state of the art. We pay on average $5000.00 to buy and license each Amusement Inflatable we own. Modern designs that are sure to make a clients event a success with a well rounded product line.

2) Cleanliness of our Inflatable Amusements is paramount! We vacuum and sanitize each inflatable structure prior to operation using a high quality human friendly disinfectant. Sometimes rain can be a problem for cleaning but we give 100% effort because there is no excuse for lack of effort and dedication to our customers.

3) Training of Ride Attendants used during Public Event Operations. Our PTI Training program covers all aspects such as Manufacturer Safety Guidelines, Best Safety Practices Resource. Technical Dossiers are onsite during operations for Ride Attendants to review if needed. Safety protocols for evacuation in the case of deflation due to electrical failure or wind or storm. Our Ride Attendants must be attentive as well as knowledgeable on all aspects of the operations. During our observation period if we determine a Ride Attendant does not measure up to our standards we replace them.

4) Reliable on time delivery. Our customers pay for our service and we owe it to them to show up on time. There is no excuse such as traffic delays, wrong address, lost etc. Event planning is all about showing up on time hence the word planning.

5) Pricing! Our goal is to save our customers money without sacrificing quality. That is why we are constantly looking for cost saving strategies that translate into great value for the end client.

6) Ordering Process. Our goal is to have our customers experience pleasure every step of the process from ordering to completion of their event. Fast ad precise ordering!

7) Visual Guided Forms. Our customers will have access in 2020 to tons of useful visual guides that will help them plan and develop their event such as fundraising, increasing attendance, safety guides, increasing revenue guides.

8 Registered with theWSIB Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Partytime Inflatables workers on your site are protected from injury claims against you and your event. Most inflatable companies are not and that is a liability for you the client. Based on our recent research with the WSIB consultant we are the only one locally.

9) T.S.S.A Licensed Company. Employing a Certified ADMI (Amusement Device Mechanic who is required to inspect installations of Bounce Houses, Slides, Obstacle Courses on any type of commercial property. We install Amusement Inflatables on both Hard Surface Installs requiring Weighted Sandbags and Grass surface using ASTM Standards Steel Anchors.

10)  Customer solutions. Our ability to pay attention and adapt to consumer pains and market trends and to continue to build on customer satisfaction at an optimal rate consistently.

WSIB Registered Company

Partytime Inflatables is registered with the (WSIB) Work Place Safety Board in Ontario. When hiring an Amusement Inflatable company you can request a Clearance Certificate to indicate if the company is registered with the WSIB and that their account is up to date. We look forward to serving all our existing and future clients in 2020!



Setting up on Commercial Property Guidelines

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire about a rental date and schedule an installation.


*Noice most Interactive Games do not requires the T.S.S.A Licensing.  Please cntact us 613-695-5867 for assistance Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

 1) Installation and Inspection by a Certified ADMI
 2) Device License Plate (will have a Valid Permit to operate on Public Property from the T.S.S.A 
 3) Supervision by a Trained Ride Attendant from Partytime Inflatables
 4) Setup Surface must be on a flat surface Grass or Pavement or any other type of hard surface.
 5) Anchoring ASTM Standard Anchors for Grass Surfaces or Weighted Sand Bags (Weight as indicated in the Technical Dossier
 6) Safety Mats We provide Safety Mat(s) for free with Device Rentals
 7) Electrical: GFCI protected outlets are required (20amps per Blower Fan) Generators are available for rental at an addtional cost.
 8) Weather: Devices cannot be operated in rain or windy conditions. Client does not dictate  stoppages a Trained Ride Attendant(s) are in control.

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