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  • Consumer Market Searching for Outdoor Games to entertain children

    10 Benefits Buying Used Industrial Grade Amusement Inflatable for your Backyard.

     2021 Consumer Market Growth Trend for Backyard Outdoor Toys Sales.

    • Healthy Exercise: Bounce Houses help promote healthy exercise for children. Physical activity improves cognitive functioning especially in the area of working memory. Not to mention children will burn up restless energy.

    • Durability: Quality construction and stitching capable of handling wear and tear lasting years.

    • Portability: Packages include an Industrial dolly making easy transporting to garage or shed.

    • Convenience: setup takes about only 20 minutes providing instant entertainment for kids. After use roll up and place in industrial storage bag.

    • Safety and Design: all units have 360-degree mesh windows, so parent(s) can have a clear view of all the fun. Safety Rules and Guidelines are visual on the front of the unit.

    • Affordability: CompletePackages Blower Fan, Storage Bag, Anchors, Tarp, Repair Kit, Industrial Dolly. Cost is higher than consumer brands due to quality.

    • Ease of Use: Bounce houses come with an operators manual AND Safety Rules listed on units.

    • Environment: Reusing prevents products from ending up in landfill.

    • Entertainment:Owning a commercial Bounce House will provide countless hours of fun. Remember to store when not using and keep out of rain to prevent mildew.

    • Hi resale value: When finished owning post online for a fair price and it will easily sell provided you mainained the inflatable and blower.